How to Toast Garlic

Ever wondered how to make deliciously crunchy, aromatic, and golden Toasted Garlic Bits? Wonder no more! This simple tutorial will show you how to toast garlic and use it in your favorite recipes.

  • se a food processor to mince the garlic, especially if cooking in bulk.
  • Add the garlic in warm oil (NOT hot!) and cook in low heat until golden brown. Garlic burns fast, and if you add it to already hot oil, the outside will brown before the inside sufficiently crisps.
  • The key in cooking toasted garlic is low and slow. If you rush and cook it in high heat, the garlic will easily burn and end up with a bitter taste.
  • Use enough oil to allow the garlic pieces to swim freely in the pan and ensure even browning.
  • Cooking the garlic gently allows it to infuse the oil with flavor. Use the flavored oil in recipes such as
  • When you add the garlic to the pan, do not stir immediately as the garlic tends to stick together. Instead, move the pan around, tilting and swirling, until garlic bits are scattered evenly.
  • Once the oil starts bubbling and the garlic is lightly golden, turn off the heat. The residual heat will continue cooking the garlic to that golden-brown perfection!
  • To drain the oil completely, spread out the toasted garlic bits on the paper towel. Let it air dry until completely cool and crisp.
  • A better way to roast garlic is in pre heated oven at 350 degrees, I have commercial sheet pans (baking pans) I put about a 1/4 cup or less canola on pan spears it around to coat the bottom and place peeled garlic cloves.

    Bake for 40 minutes, remove and scrap sheet pan to turn over the garlic for even cooking, return to oven for 20 minutes and repeat. If they are not golden in color I will return to oven for 10-20 minutes keeping a CLOSE eye on them because they will turn quickly.

    Remove from hot pan (they will keep cooking if you don’t) and allow it to cool by 70% on a cooling rack (don’t put in frog just yet, save your electricity), place in air tight container oil and all over for a day isn then loose chop. Place in a jar that fits the volume and cover with canola oil it will last a year or longer. When Im cooking and require oil I may pour the oil off from this container and then replace it with fresh oil. To keep it safe from mold the key is to keep it covered with oil. ALSO I prefer canola because its a healthier oil then veg oil and it won’t become solid like olive oil.

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