Pakistani designer Omar Mansoor ‘s collection dazzles audiences at London Fashion Week

Renowned British-Pakistani fashion designer Omar Mansoor did the country proud after his mesmerising spring-summer’19 collection was featured at the famous London Fashion Week recently.Mansoor’s masterpieces were received well by the fashion critics who labelled his clothes as ‘a beautiful fusion of eastern and western apparel’.

“The design element in my clothes highlights Pakistani embroidery. Pakistani fashion has its own unique charm which makes it stand out amongst the rest of the world,” Mansoor shared.

“The purpose behind using the different hues of greens and blues in my collection is to raise awareness on climate change and shed light on the rising levels of pollution in the seas,” he added.

Mansoor’s distinct line was adored massively by the audiences pf the London Fashion Week.

“The collection was stunning. Beautiful greens, lovely material, flowing dresses, I definitely need one,” shared an audience member.Another one revealed, “I loved the design, I loved the finish, I loved the colour. I loved everything.”

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